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The Department of Languages at Sri Vyasa N.S.S College has a rich history of nurturing linguistic and cultural diversity. Established in 1967, the department encompasses Hindi, Sanskrit, and Malayalam, each contributing uniquely to our academic tapestry. The Department of Languages stands as a testament to our commitment to linguistic diversity, cultural heritage, and academic excellence.

The Hindi department, inaugurated with Sri. Srinivasa Bhatt as its first Head, offers a Common Course Programme in Hindi for UG students. Across the years, the department has consistently excelled both academically and in extracurricular activities. Every batch since 1967 has achieved outstanding results in UG courses, consistently nearing the 100% mark, with many students earning first-class distinctions. The department is proactive in organizing seminars and invited talks, enriching the academic experience for our college students.

Sanskrit, an ocean of wisdom, plays an integral role in the development of Indian languages, cultural preservation, and the establishment of ancient scientific foundations. Recognizing its importance, the college established the Sanskrit department in 1967, offering Sanskrit as a common course for UG students to contribute to their holistic development.

The Malayalam department, operating since 1967, initially as a second language for Pre-Degree and later for Degree courses, now serves as a common course for first and second-year BA/B.Sc conventional courses and first-year B.Com degree courses. The department takes pride in promoting Malayalam language, tradition, culture, and nurturing the creative talents of students. Additionally, it has initiated the publication of the ‘Thelicham’ wall magazine, providing a platform for students to channelize their activities and showcase their talents.


The department aims to develop students' proficiency in Hindi language and literature, alongside establishing itself as a center of excellence for Sanskrit and Malayalam. We're dedicated to fostering critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness for academic and career success in a safe, accessible learning environment.

Mission of the Department of Languages is to empower students with comprehensive knowledge in Hindi language, literature, and the official language, fostering effective communication skills. Simultaneously, we are committed to promoting academic excellence, personality development, and upholding ethical values, enriching our students' character, tradition, nation, and the broader global community.


United by a commitment to the department's visionary mission, the accomplished faculty collaboratively foster logical thinking, facilitate knowledge dissemination through impactful teaching and research, equip students with effective communication skills, and guide them towards diverse career paths, embodying a vibrant hub for scientific growth and holistic education.

Dr. Geetha P

HOD, Assistant Professor

Department of Hindi

Dr. Dhanya M M

Assistant Professor

Department of Sanskrit

Dr. Ashamol S

Assistant Professor

Department of Malayalam


In addition to the curricular matters several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted by the Department for the betterment of the students and for the development of society.

Thelicham’ Wall Magazine


Dr. P Geetha

This open magazine is very successful in bringing out the creativity and talents in the students of different disciplines in our college.