Sri Vyasa NSS College

Department of Economics

Established in 1967, the Department of Economics has evolved significantly over the years. Initially focused on Modern Indian History and Banking as subsidiary papers, it transitioned in 2004 to include Cooperation alongside Banking. Notably, in 2006, the department introduced a vocational course in 'Advertisement, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management,' supported by the UGC. Prof. N.K. Vaidyanathan served as the department's inaugural Head. Presently, the department comprises two permanent faculty members and one guest faculty. Over the last eight years, the department has consistently achieved remarkable results, consistently exceeding an 85% success rate.


The department's vision is to offer a profound insight into the captivating field of Economics, which holds supreme relevance in today's era of globalization. Through rigorous academic preparation, our aim is to nurture students into critical thinkers and independent analysts, equipping them to lead lives of social responsibility, leadership, and dedicated service to society.

Our mission is to provide quality instruction that prepares students for intellectually competent and successful careers. We are dedicated to equipping our students with analytical skills, fostering spiritual maturity, upholding moral integrity, ensuring psychological well-being, and promoting social acceptance, all of which collectively lay the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning and personal growth.



United by a commitment to the department's visionary mission, the accomplished faculty collaboratively foster logical thinking, facilitate knowledge dissemination through impactful teaching and research, equip students with effective communication skills, and guide them towards diverse career paths, embodying a vibrant hub for scientific growth and holistic education.

Smt. Dhanya S

Assistant Professor and HOD

Smt. Gayathri Somasekharan

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shanoob M S

Assistant Professor on Contract




We enrich the society by providing top quality scientific education to our UG Students.



We enrich the Physics community through our brilliant Post Gradute Students.



Faculty and Students Relentlessly Work to Produce Quality Publications in the Subject



Well Equipped Labs and Smart Class Rooms



Ashik P. S

Nayak (Artillary) Indian Army

Right Guidance at right time was what I acquired from my teachers in the department which helped me to achieve my dream.

Vrindha P R

MSc Accounting and Finance, University of Portsmouth, UK

“Pursuing higher studies abroad was a dream and my teachers have always supported and motivated me throughout my venture.

Vijay Dhanesh

Constable (GD) in BSF, 2023, Indian Army

I feel proud to have studied in Vyasa college and economics department who have a unique role in shaping what I am today

Ajith . K.S

Doing Ph.d in Economics

The very base of economics subject was laid down by teachers of vyasa college on which I could build my aptitude for the subject.


Asna M I

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A Economics (2023)

Aiswarya C G

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A Economics (2022)

Mahendra R Menon

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A Economics (2020)

Jisna P Jamal

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A Economics (2018)


In addition to the curricular matters several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted by the Department for the betterment of the students and for the development of society.

E - Library


Mr. Shanoob M S

As a part of Extension Activity of the department, the 111BA economics students visited Kumbalangad Vayanasala on 19 th march 2019. We arranged the books for E library.

Economics of Traditional Treatments


Smt. Gayathri Somashekharan

To know more about traditional Ayurvedic treatment, Visha Vaidhyam (Toxicology treatment), and Ana Chikilsa (Treatment of elephants), an interview was conducted with Avanaparambu Maheswaran Namboodiripad on 11 th February 2019.

Household Economics


Smt. Dhanya S

Taking classes about “Household Economics – Managing family Expenditure and income” to women in Parlikkad Village. It include awareness about need for family budget management for securing financial security of family, familiarisation of saving schemes, importance for financial independence and freedom for women.