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Department of History

The Department of history was started in the year 1999-2000 with the commencement of BA History with Archaeology and Public Administration. Till 2009 the courses were run as annual system, following the curriculum and syllabus of the University of Calicut. From 2009 academic year, following the introduction of the choice based credit semester system by the university , the courses have been conducted accordingly. The sanctioned strength of department is 40, General-24, SC-7, ST-1, PH-2, Sports-2, community-5. At present the department is offering following courses BA History, Archaeology and Economics as complementary, Historical Tourism as open course and Human Rights as Elective. The department is keen to arrange extra mural lectures and webinars in different topics by experts in field of historical Scholarship. The department conducts Extension Programmes and study tour different historical sites in order to boost up interest in the discipline.


Our vision is to empower students with a profound awareness of the past and its enduring legacies through teaching and outreach endeavours within the framework of World History. We aspire to cultivate a critical understanding of history that equips students to comprehend the present and enables them to envision a more informed and purposeful future.

The department's mission is to cultivate responsible citizenship by empowering students with critical insights into the past and its relevance to the present. We are dedicated to promoting the study of Kerala's history, society, and culture within the broader context of Indian and global development, fostering a deeper understanding of our heritage and its impact on the world.



United by a commitment to the department's visionary mission, the accomplished faculty collaboratively foster logical thinking, facilitate knowledge dissemination through impactful teaching and research, equip students with effective communication skills, and guide them towards diverse career paths, embodying a vibrant hub for scientific growth and holistic education.

Dr. Jyothirmani Vatakkayil

Assistant Professor & HOD

Mrs. Noorjahan Majeed

Assistant Professor

Mr. Arun K K

Assistant Professor on Contract




We enrich the society by providing top quality scientific education to our UG Students.



We enrich the Physics community through our brilliant Post Gradute Students.



Faculty and Students Relentlessly Work to Produce Quality Publications in the Subject



Well Equipped Labs and Smart Class Rooms



Akshitha K S

"As a dedicated research scholar in the Department of History, I often reflect upon my years at Vyasa College, cherishing the profound influence of my esteemed teachers and supportive peers.

Anjana K

“The college has a great learning environment and provides excellent facilities for students. The History department has knowledgeable and supportive faculty who helped me develop my skills and knowledge. I am proud to be a graduate of Sri Vyasa NSS College.”

Ranjeesh V

“I will forever be grateful for the excellent academic training I've received from Sri Vyasa NSS College. I can proudly admit my degree played a vital role in moulding me and helped me to become a better person today.”

Khadeeja P M

“To a few of the most impactful individuals in my life, a toast! Thank you for leading me to the door to a world full of possibilities. SVNSS was where it all started: a dream, the inspiration, and the road to fruition.”


Sherin Ummer

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A History (2022)

Sherin Ummer

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A History (2021)

Vijisha K V

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A History (2021)

Soubhagya C Shaju

RANK - Topper

COURSE - B.A History (2019)


In addition to the curricular matters several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted by the Department for the betterment of the students and for the development of society.

Archaeology Club:

Year :


Dr. Jyothirmani V

Conducted Visit in Archaeological and Historical site including Ancient Monuments, Temples, Palaces, Caves and old domestic architectural structures. Also organised awareness programme with the help of their teachers to the residence of the areas on needs for preparing the historically important structures, Megalithic site, Kakkodi Calicut, Kavalappara palace, Shornur, Ariyannur megalithic site, Eyyal site, etc.